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Are you tired of the orange oak look of the 80s? Or maybe it’s not that, but you’re ready for a new look, but aren’t quite ready for the $30k kitchen reno. Did you know that you can totally shift the look of your existing cabinets, furniture or woodwork without messy (& stinky) stripping and sanding.

I am not pulling your leg. There’s a technique called “wood toning” that uses water based wood stains and dye stains to completely change the color and look of your wood, without losing the beauty of the grain.

Water-based wood stains and dye stains are trending right now, as a great way to give your woodwork an updated look while preserving the beauty of the grain. These stains give a range and intensity of colors that oil-based stains can’t even begin to offer.

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Water Based Wood Stains, in particular, spread easily, can be repaired, blend effortlessly and have plenty of “open” time. (Whatever that is. Just kidding, I’ll tell you what this is later). The thicker formula gives you more control over hoe dense the color is, which cuts down on blotching on softer woods such as Aspen, Pine and Maple.

Water Based Dye Stains take it up a notch by going deeper into the wood to magnify the grain beautifully. This gives your project more depth and color vibrancy than any other stain. Think of using this with woods like mahogany, walnut, or maple.

For another, they can be used without the need for ventilation, since they produce no dangerous fumes, and cleanup is simple – just soap and water.

Water Based Dye Stains penetrate deep into the wood to magnify the grain beautifully. Providing your project with more depth and color vibrancy than any other stain. This product is excellent for highly figured woods like mahogany, walnut, or maple.

That’s all great info, but what do you do with it?

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I decided to do my first-ever LIVE WEBINAR teaching How To Use Wood Toning For Your Project. It was an amazing class. The questions and interaction and feedback given from those who were able to attend LIVE really contributed to the class.

The coolest part is that I was able to record it!

Yeah, I like to think ahead like that. (Actually, I just don’t like repeating myself).

Anyway, since I recorded it, you can still get all the great information… and better yet, you can pause, rewind and review as needed. You’ll be able to watch from the comfort of your own home – whether you’re in Phoenix, Poughkeepsie, or Portland. AND, I’m happy to answer questions by email, as they arise for you, as we go through the different stages and techniques.

If you’re ready to jump into the DIY of Wood Toning, or already have experience in DIY and just want to add this technique to your quiver, the come and join me.

This replay is only $27. (A lot less expensive than flying out to Phoenix and paying $149 to spend time in my studio – and much less than flying me out to do it for you!)

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