2020 Update: Instead of using Snow White milk paint for kitchen cabinets General Finishes suggests that you use Brushable White Enamel instead. I have personally tried this product and love it. Best part, it does NOT need a top coat.

The debate about an antique white vs a bright white is still very much a current topic!  And of course, there are many shades of white on the market from different manufactures of paint. Lots of amazing choices…

Choosing the Right White

White is a fantastic way to breathe new life into a dark, sad kitchen or bathroom. But, you need to choose the correct white milk paint that is right for your space.

We’ve all seen the “whites” section at a paint store with a ton of different white paint swatches. They have hilarious names and you can’t even tell the difference between them most of the time. But, the reason there are choices of white paint is that the other elements of the room can change our perception of what looks “white.”

Snow White vs Antique White Milk Paint

Antique White Milk Paint vs Snow White Milk Paint
Antique White Milk Paint vs Snow White Milk Paint


When it comes to General Finishes milk paint, there are two whites: Snow White and Antique White. (And now is 2020, there is Alabaster, which is essentially a mixture of the two)  Whew! At least there’s only a few to choose from. So, how to pick the right one for your home? Read on…

Show White is much brighter than Antique White and works best in homes that have a lot of gray and stark, modern tones. The bright white plays with the darker grays to create an inviting look that doesn’t overwhelm with brightness.

You’ll want to use Antique White if your home’s color palette has warm colors. Snow White would be too overpowering among the warmer tones, but Antique White appears to brighten among the browns, complementing the entire look perfectly.

What if you choose the wrong white?

If you were to put the Antique White among gray tones, you would be seriously disappointed with the results. It would appear creamy and anything but white. It definitely wouldn’t be the crisp white look you were going for.

If you used Snow White among warm colors, the brightness of the white would be overpowering, a little like being snow blinded every time you walked into the room. That’s not exactly what you are after either. That’s why it’s important to choose the right white for the space when painting cabinets, doors or anything in your home.

When done correctly, Snow White  (Brushable White Enamel now) and Antique White both look like just beautiful white cabinets.  If you’re looking for product you can check out my affiliate link here.  Even better, if you loved this article considering checking out some of our work or read more of our blog posts from me to help decide if you should  DIY or hire a contractor to paint Your cabinets.. Painted White Kitchen with Gold Hardware


If you’re in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area, and you’re ready to bring in  professional, let’s talk.

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  1. Thanks for pointing out that both snow white and antique white paint look good for wooden cabinets so it’s just a matter of preference. I’m planning to hire a paint contractor soon in order to freshen up the colors of my kitchen. I think I’m going to go for an antique white coat for my cabinets since it looks a bit more gritty.

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