It can be so easy to customize plain candles for Spring or any other occasion.  In a few easy steps, with minimal materials, you can quickly transforms plain candles into works of art! You can see how simple it is to create easy DIY candle decor when you apply napkin patterns to candles on this fun segment on  Your Life Arizona  

Supplies Needed For Easy DIY Candle Decor

For this project, you’ll need just a few supplies. Gather some plain wax candles, a heat source and some paper napkins with fun designs.  Yes, this is really all that you will need to create beautiful candles! It truly is not that difficult to create easy DIY candle decor with napkins and heat. Suzanne Bissett and The Restyle Junkie on Your Life Arizona Select some patterned napkins from either your stash of leftovers, or from the store.  In this segment, Rachel uses hand towel sized napkins for the bunnies.  However, beverage and dinner napkins work perfectly as well. Once you’ve picked your favorite designs, gently pull the napkins apart so that you only have one thin sheet of patterned napkin to apply to your candle. You can cut out a specific design or use lay the entire pattern over your candle. Easy DIY Spring Bunny Candles An iron or a heat gun will work perfectly.  Use the lowest heat settings.  If using an iron, you may want to also get some waxed paper to use.  It’ll end up saving your iron from getting melted wax on your iron. In this video, waxed paper isn’t used because this iron is not used to press clothes, so a little wax transfer won’t hurt.  If you have a heat gun in your tool arsenal you should use.  In a pinch, a hair dryer should work too. All you need to do is place your patterned napkin piece over the candle and start to apply heat gently. You will see the way begin to melt and your napkin will become affixed to your candle. Yes, it really is this simple to create custom candles! Love this budget friendly home decor idea?  Join me for me on my blog. Thank you, Rachel

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