One of our most popular in-person cabinet painting classes teaches you absolutely everything (well, we start with the basics, but the basics of everything) about how to paint kitchen cabinets.

When you sign up for our DIY cabinet painting class, you’ve already completed one of the two things you need to do. The other thing you need to do? Show up.

Sign up and show up—we take care of everything else.

When you walk in, you’ll receive:


Gray distressed kitchen cabinets
Want to do your own beachy gray kitchen makeover?

DIY Cabinet Painting Class – What to Expect

In the class we cover the basics of every step of DIY cabinet refinishing. First, we teach you how to label—seriously, this makes your life a lot easier—and take down cabinets. Cabinet door and drawer face removal is an extremely important, but often overlooked, part of DIY cabinet painting.

We then move into cleaning and prepping cabinets and bases, which is one of the most critical, but admittedly most boring, parts of the job. You can’t successfully paint cabinets without knowing how to clean cabinets.

Then, you will learn tips and tricks for taping, keeping your floors and trim clean like the pros.

Next, we get into all things paint. Learn how to apply paint, where to get the right paints and supplies, how long to let it dry, when to apply another coat, and everything else you’ve ever wondered about paint.

Once we have a refinished surface, it’s time for the clear coat. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a seasoned pro, this part can induce anxiety. We walk you through why that is and how to apply a perfect top coat to finish your project.

Finally, we’ll go over reinstalling cabinets, as this is what brings your hard work to life.

If you’re interested in learning all about DIY cabinet painting, contact us to sign up for our class or inquire about our schedule. Not in the Phoenix area? We’ve got you covered with our DIY Video Tutorials (just like the class, but you have to provide your own cabinets and supplies).

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  1. Please advise if you can direct me to someone that teaches this kitchen cabinet painting class in Frankfort, Lexington or Louisville Kentucky area.
    Thank you.

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